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Advertising For Automotive Dealership Owners

Online display advertising provides a targeted and direct response approach that helps effectively target segment specific audiences and increases brand awareness. According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, total internet advertising revenue for 2009 was $ 22.7 billion. While online display advertising contributed 35% or $ 8.0 billion of total Internet advertising revenue for 2009. Automotive advertisers accounted for 11% or $ 2.5 billion of total Internet Advertising costs in 2009.

Thus, online display advertisements that include banner display ads, rich media, digital videos, and sponsored links can be effectively used by automotive dealers to target customers based on the context of the website, geographical location, specific demographic information, and user behavior.

Advertisement Is Based On:
Advertisements based on demographic information, website context, and geographic location can help narrow down and pin point specific customer segment.

Website Context
Contextually relevant advertisements can help automotive dealers to better target the potential customers as they are willingly showing interest by viewing specific themed areas. Automotive dealers can effectively target those customers searching for new cars, pre-owned cars etc on Internet by positioning advertisement based on website context. Also, the website viewers are likely to respond positively or pay more attention to such theme related advertisements.

Buyer Geographic Location
Display advertisements based on user location allows automotive dealers to effectively target potential customers in local area, geographic region, or in any specific city. Delivering customized advertisements with proper relevance within a specific region or city generates interest, engages, and attracts potential customers.

Buyer Demographic Information
Display advertisements based on specific demographic information like industry, profession, age group, household income, gender etc can help automotive dealers effectively reach to a specific customer segment. Demographic advertisements informing about various offers, coupons etc given by automotive dealer can appeal to a variety of market segment. Display advertisements based on specific demographic information can help grab attention of key audiences and turn them into potential customers.

Online display advertising allows automotive dealers to reach a wider segment of customers in a limited advertising budget.

Increases Brand Awareness
Effectively employing online display advertising helps to create awareness about the automotive dealer that results in building a brand image in the long run. Positioning creative and relevant advertisements to specific segment help to effectively target potential customers, increase automotive dealer exposure, and increase online traffic leading to higher conversion rate. However, even if the customer does not click on ads, it increases brand awareness about dealer. As display advertising ensures that potential customers get to know about the services and inventory offered by automotive dealers, the next time these customers think of making a purchase, they can prefer and trust these dealers whom they can recall.

Effectively Target Customers
One of the key benefits of online display advertisements is that automotive dealers can effectively target potential customers within their advertisement budget. Display advertisements provide a better coverage and effective targeting of potential customers as they can be based on website context, geographic location of buyer, variety of demographic information, and user behavioral information.

Increases Online Traffic
Effectively positioning relevant and engaging display advertisements to a specific segment of audiences can help drive qualified traffic to the automotive dealer website. Display advertisements in the form of banner ads, pop up ads, and contextual ads catch the attention of potential customers and increase the website traffic. Also, display advertisement increases the brand awareness that generates more traffic to the dealer website and increases the chances of customer making a purchase.

Provides Good ROI
Apart from targeting specific segment of customers, online display advertising increases online traffic and increases the chances of sale thereby provides a good Returns On Investment (ROI). Also, display advertisement effectively targets desired customer segment thereby reducing the ad spend wasted due to unwanted and ineffective impressions thus maximizing the ROI. Display advertisement facilitates tracking of display advertisement campaign by automotive dealers through metrics like clicks and conversions, impressions to better calculate the ROI.

Online display advertising can impact purchasing decisions made by automotive Internet users because they provide better consumer involvement. Thus, display advertising can be used effectively by automotive dealers to increase their brand awareness, online website traffic, website interaction time, and maximize ROI. In addition, display ads also encourage users to search on the Internet which increases website traffic.

Flat Tires

For vehicle owners certainly have experienced less air or flat tires. But when checked it turns out there were no leaks. But you know, tires that are often flat have to be watched out for. But not infrequently, when examined found no nails or other objects that stick.

Exposed to Sharp Objects

Sharp objects become a real problem in leaking car tires. Glass, nails, to other sharp objects like gravel that can injure and pierce a car tire. Patching a tire can be a solution to repairing leaks, but sometimes you also need to check the surface of the tire to determine if there are sharp objects stuck.

Lack of Air Pressure

If the tire is flat, you should immediately fill it with air as soon as possible because it will cause leakage. Checking the car tires is important in driving so that accidents on the highway do not easily occur. Make preparations well so that it makes your trip safer and more comfortable.

Use of Thin Tires

Replace your tire if it has thinned on the surface. Regular checking and maintenance can prevent you from leaking tires that can occur using a thin tire. Thin tires are very dangerous because the tire’s grip on the road surface is reduced. If this happens, your car will slip easily, especially on slippery and sandy roads.

Sand Between Tires and Rims

One of the causes of tire leaks is piling up grains of sand. This causes the tire to collapse which results in an unexpected leak. Checking and cleaning also need to be done to deal with and prevent this problem.