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Car Engine Indicator Light

Seeing the indicator lights on the engine of the car that can disturb the peace of driving even makes you frustrated while driving. Despite its small size, indicator lights can be very annoying if we don’t know what problem is happening. If this light is on then somewhere on the machine, there is a small or large thing happening.

The driver can go the car repair shop directly to find out what really happened. You must prepare funds and spend time before dealing with a mechanic at your trust workshop. But you can read a few of these things to check the engine indicator lights on so you don’t get confused and know what to do.

Indicator Lights Are Not Always Urgent

In general, the indicator lights will turn on according to the level of urgency. The indicator light will turn yellow. This means that there has been a problem with your car’s engine, but it’s not heavy. But it can turn red if you ignore it. The indicator light usually shows a number of problems, one of which is the exhaust gas system. This also indicates that you have to replace a new catalytic converter. You need to know that the mechanic also takes more time to find out the problem on the machine, but if your mechanic uses technology then the problem is solved easily. In essence, the indicator light does not always indicate that your machine is dangerous, but you need to anticipate it.

Check the Gas Tank Cap

The indicator lights on can also be caused by an error in closing the fuel tank. The pressure in the tank will slowly be wasted, causing the lights to turn on. In such conditions, your car will catch it as an abnormality in the exhaust emissions system. Changes in pressure will be interpreted as a leak.

Check the Engine Room

If the engine indicator light is on, then you can open the hood and check for leaks in the cable or hose. Cable and hose damage often occurs, especially in the spark plug wires. If there are signs of cracks or other damage in the area, the spark plugs must be replaced immediately. A simple fix is to replace it with a new one.