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Flat Tires

For vehicle owners certainly have experienced less air or flat tires. But when checked it turns out there were no leaks. But you know, tires that are often flat have to be watched out for. But not infrequently, when examined found no nails or other objects that stick.

Exposed to Sharp Objects

Sharp objects become a real problem in leaking car tires. Glass, nails, to other sharp objects like gravel that can injure and pierce a car tire. Patching a tire can be a solution to repairing leaks, but sometimes you also need to check the surface of the tire to determine if there are sharp objects stuck.

Lack of Air Pressure

If the tire is flat, you should immediately fill it with air as soon as possible because it will cause leakage. Checking the car tires is important in driving so that accidents on the highway do not easily occur. Make preparations well so that it makes your trip safer and more comfortable.

Use of Thin Tires

Replace your tire if it has thinned on the surface. Regular checking and maintenance can prevent you from leaking tires that can occur using a thin tire. Thin tires are very dangerous because the tire’s grip on the road surface is reduced. If this happens, your car will slip easily, especially on slippery and sandy roads.

Sand Between Tires and Rims

One of the causes of tire leaks is piling up grains of sand. This causes the tire to collapse which results in an unexpected leak. Checking and cleaning also need to be done to deal with and prevent this problem.